PAW planet - A sustainable business

Our philosophy
Since the start of 2006, PAW of Sweden AB has chosen to operate a business that meets the demands and expectations of a conscious approach to society and the world at large. We aim for sustainable entrepreneurship that saves on our own resources, reducing negative environmental impacts associated with social commitment.

Our choice of materials and products
In the manufacture of our products, we mainly choose materials that are made in Sweden and in other parts of Europe. We try as far as possible to choose materials that are manufactured as carefully as possible.

Our production
PAW of Sweden AB conducts its own manufacturing. Most of the products are manufactured locally in Dalecarlia, the heart of Sweden. This way we create jobs locally, avoid long journeys and save on the environment.

We also have agreements with a few companies that produce for PAW of Sweden AB. The companies are carefully chosen for their environmental, ethical and social responsibility.

We use recycled materials in our production.

PAW of Sweden has removed product packaging as far as possible. If the products are to be hygienically packaged, we have chosen packaging that is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Logistics and distribution.
PAW of Sweden continuously sends letters, packages and pallets. All packaging we use is ECO friendly and made from recycled material.
We have chosen to use transport companies that are experts in environmentally efficient logistics processes and which compensate for greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport.

"We can´t do everything but everyone can do something"

Petronella Lindmark
PAW of Sweden AB, Leksand