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Customize your own products!
Now you have the opportunity to get Leads, Collars and Tracking leads in the sizes and lengths you want. Choose from our collections. "Thank you for purchasing products made in Dalecarlia - The heart of Sweden"

Popular products

Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher
This is an excellent tool to help teach and reinforce the hunting situation of the sound of a "bang" with the "marking" of a bird in the sky.
899 kr
Dummy for launcher Duck - black/white
Dummy for launcher. It enables your dog to get used to the shape of a real bird during training for work, test and trial.
369 kr
Retriever lead Camo Sirocco
A camouflaged lead in style from PAW of Sweden. The lead is perfect for training, hunting and for walks. The lead is sold in limited edition
155 kr
Retriever lead Stoppers Hunter Neon Customized
PAW of Sweden´s Retriever lead Stoppers is perfect if you want to switch between a training lead, a half choke lead or a standard lead with fixed attachment points.
From 165 kr
Picking-up belt Classic waxed cotton nougat
The gamebag pocket has enough room to accommodate four pheasants or large amounts of training equipment, but that for the sake of being awkward to carry.
1099 kr
Picking-up vest Nike Classic waxed cotton olive
The Pick Me Up vest is developed and tested it as a game carrier in extreme conditions on the Moors. To make life more comfortable "picking up" during the shooting season.
1299 kr
Chest Buckle for Picking-up vest.
Our chest strap for extra comfort during wearing of equipment/game and advantages the weight evenly between the vest straps
79 kr
Kompeet Boost 1000g
Kompeet is energy in the form of vegetable fat to muscle in the form of selected vegetable oils. The product is muscle building and increases the endurance of your dog at work.
249 kr