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PAW on Tour - Västgård Game Fair 26-28 of July
Welcome to our stand during Västgård Game Fair 26-28 of July, Kall

Popular products

Nopixgo® Mosquito Bite Protection Wristband
The bracelet from Nopixgo® is a Swiss patented technology, revolutionary solution to minimize the risk of mosquito and knot bites. Completely free from toxins.
1295 kr
Lucky Launcher II
Is perfect for those who want an easy and functional with with recoil dampers. The pistol grip for safer firing and precise control of the dummy.
2199 kr
Reflective sunscreen Silver cloth
An effective sun protection for hot summer days. Reflects up to 80% of sunlight.
Available in three sizes.
319 kr
Picking-up belt Classic waxed cotton olive
The gamebag pocket has enough room to accommodate four pheasants or large amounts of training equipment, but that for the sake of being awkward to carry.
1199 kr
Ball Boy
Ball Boy is easily mounted on your launcher. Pushing tennis balls up to 50 m away. A good complement in the training.
529 kr
Belt lead Handsfree retriever reflective
PAW of Sweden's belt lead Handsfree is easily attached to your belt. Perfect when you want your hands free. Available in 10 different colour designs.
229 kr
Storage box for ammo small
Practical hand-made box to store ammo for launcher or the staring gun. The box has a sealable lid and a hook for easy attachment to for example the vest, trousers or game bag.
249 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Game bag black/apple green
A functional and spacious game bag in black and apple green. The game bag is designed, handmade and has many fine details. It holds plenty of game or dummies. Ideal for bird hunting or training.
499 kr