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We donīt raise prices and then give a discount. But we will publish discount codes for selected products throughout the week. You can find the discount codes on our accounts on Instagram, FB and here on our website. Today's DISCOUNT CODE 27-30/11 refers to our Hunting and dog handler vest. Get a 25% discount by using the code VEST at checkout.

Popular products

Hunting and dog handler vest
This welldesigned and well-cut vest from PAW of Sweden is perfect when you are hunting, training your dog or when you just need a versatile and flexible vest.
899 kr
Warming/rest bag red
With our warming/rest bag your dog will stay warm and dry. Manufactured in water and wind-resistant anti-ripstop material. Seals around the neck with a drawstring and robust stopper.
279 kr
Petwear Wash-Bag jumbo
Keep your washing machine clean & prevent damage from loose pet hair by using the Petwear Wash-bag.
279 kr
Picking-up vest Trainer Classic waxed cotton brown
After a day full of training or shooting a fully loaded with dummies or game, your back can be exposed to a lot of stress. To make these days more enjoyable, we designed this vest.
980 kr 1089 kr
Retriever lead Trial Customized
PAW of Sweden’s leads are perfect for training, hunting and for walks. Leads are made of our soft smooth cord that won’t give friction burns to your hands.
From 155 kr
Lead extender Reflective
Use our lead extender along with a regular lead. You choose how many dogs you want linked.
89 kr
Reflective vest cerise/yellow
PAW of Sweden’s reflective vest is functional and easy to use for the your dog. The reflective vest is reversible. Chose the colour you want to use.

199 kr
Dummy for launcher Duck- brown
Dummy for launcher. It enables your dog to get used to the shape of a real bird during training for work, test and trial.
409 kr