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Success for our new Retriever lead Duo Trial!
PAW of Sweden's Retriever Lead Duo is a practical lead for two or more dogs. Duo can be supplemented with more leads if desired. The lead have their own unique color design and are made from recycled material of the highest quality. Our manufacturing takes place locally in Dalarna.

Popular products

Shoulder strap pad for Picking-up vest and bags/per pcs
Well-made shoulder strap pad with strong Velcro closure. For those who want more comfort when using our Picking-up vests and bags.
79 kr
LG Dumbbell - Small
A Dumbbell for training and competition. The Dumbbell is octagonal with a handle in solid oak.
Available in five colours. A quality product from Dalarna, the heart of Sweden.
169 kr
No Dirt doormat chocolate brown XL
End of muddy paws on clean floors and in the car! No Dirt sucking up water and mud like a sponge, just machine wash and dry.
1099 kr
WaterWisk by EquiGroomer
Waterwisk by EquiGroomer removes water quickly and efficiently from your animal's coat.  Can be used for hair removal on textiles and at window washing. Available in two sizes.
From 319 kr
Claw clipper Comfortline 16 cm
This claw clipper of the "Comfortline" series is especially suitable for cutting the nails of your dog - without hurting your pet.
159 kr
Extra lead part for Retriever lead Duo 130 cm
Extra lead part suitable for our Retriever Lead Trial Duo.
145 kr
Grooming Kit Bag
Paw of Sweden´s Grooming Kit Bag is especially designed to cater for the needs of the dog groomer. The kit includes both an outer bag and an inner kit of high quality, design and functionality.
589 kr
Travel Bowl 2l green
This handy travel bowl holds 2l and can be fold up to a very small size, which makes it ideal for travel purpose or longer journeys. The bowl is water proof.
89 kr