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Now we have designed a new collection of lead and collars "with that little extra". Both collar and lead have nice color centers and a little charm for extra touch.

Popular products

Name tag for Collar Tao
Make PAW of Sweden's Collar Tao more personal with its own name tag. Unique and appreciated.
25 kr
Lead with carabiner Tao
Our Leads with carabiner Tao has an innovative design and is a lead for you who are looking for "the little extra". Made unique to each dog. Available in ten colour combinations.
190 kr
PAW of Sweden´s bag Ergonomic waxed cotton olive
PAW of Sweden's bag Ergonomic is functional and smooth. The bag is custom designed and has many nice details. It holds a lot of exercise equipment/game.
689 kr
Picking-up vest Trainer Classic waxed cotton nougat
After a day full of training or shooting a fully loaded with dummies or game, your back can be exposed to a lot of stress. To make these days more enjoyable, we designed this vest.
1089 kr
Picking-up belt Classic waxed cotton nougat
The gamebag pocket has enough room to accommodate four pheasants or large amounts of training equipment, but that for the sake of being awkward to carry.
1099 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Gamebag Classic waxed cotton ink blue
A functional and spacious gamebag in ink blue waxed cotton. The Gamebag is designed, handmade and has many fine details. It holds plenty of game or dummies. Ideal for bird hunting or training.
699 kr
Retriever lead Pride Limited Edition
Show your claws with PAW of Sweden's Retriever lead Pride. A lead in rainbow colors, with attitude! Suitable for training, hunting and for walks.
155 kr
Chest Buckle for Picking-up vest.
Our chest strap for extra comfort during wearing of equipment/game and advantages the weight evenly between the vest straps
79 kr