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Original products with function, quality and design!
Welcome to see our large range of products for you and your dog. Swedish design with function and quality. If you have questions about our product range, please contact us.

Popular products

Hunter lead/Complete lead Original
PAW of Sweden’s Complete lead is the only lead you need when you go hunting or training your dog. The lead have many different functions and variation possibilities.
219 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Priest
A simple and convenient tool for hunting and fishing.
379 kr
Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher
This is an excellent tool to help teach and reinforce the hunting situation of the sound of a "bang" with the "marking" of a bird in the sky.
899 kr
Storage box for ammo large
Practical hand-made box to store ammo for launcher or the staring gun. The box has a sealable lid and a hook for easy attachment to for example the vest, trousers or game bag.
259 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Welly Boot Bag
End of mud and mess. Practical storage for boots both in the home and in the car. Choose from five delicious colours.
425 kr
Chest Buckle for Picking-up vest.
Our chest strap for extra comfort during wearing of equipment/game and advantages the weight evenly between the vest straps
79 kr
Beef Liver
For best shows and adorable crossbreeds. Frozen-dried dog candy made on cow liver. Contains 100 % meat from happy Swedish cows, no other additives.
99 kr
Reflective tracking lead Customized 0-20m
PAW of Sweden's tracking lead has reflective weaved stitching and reflective threads. Customize for your own choice of color and length.
From 289 kr