The Finisher® - Old School Camo in the group Hunting / Bird Dispatchers at PAW of Sweden AB (Finisher camo)
The Finisher® - Old School Camo
The Finisher® - Old School Camo
The Finisher® - Old School Camo

The Finisher® - Old School Camo

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Article nr: Finisher camo
The Finisher is a patented tool designed to simplify out of date in inhumane techniques of dispatching crippled birds in the field. The Finisher is quick, clean and humane. A must for the hunter and dog handler.


The Finisher made the hunting quick, simple and humane.  A dispatcher for every hunter and dog handler.

The science behind The Finisher is simple, using a small amount of pressure where the back of neck and base of the skull meet you will push The Finisher in at an upward angle severing the brain stem, spinal cord right into the brain killing your game humane.

This edition Finisher® will kill medium to Large sized game birds easy and quick.

The Finisher also serves as a choke wrench for most 12 gauge shot guns by simply inserting the pointed end into the shot gun barrel.

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Every products is hand dipped and buffed so no two are alike.

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