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Siccaro WetDog Classic
Siccaro WetDog Classic

Siccaro WetDog Classic

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The world's most absorbing dog coat. Absorbs 80% of the moisture from the dog's coat within 10 minutes.


The material of WetDog can absorb up to 11 times their weight in water.

At the core of our unique WetDog robe, is a specialised blend of two fabrics, which have been developed especially for their incredible absorbent properties.

The innovative use of organic bamboo fibre and absorbent viscose gives the WetDog drying robe anti-bacterial properties that help eliminate unpleasant wet dog smell.

It can be used after walks in wet conditions, water activities, muddy doggy play dates and can be worn home in the car.

WetDog is incredibly robust and can withstand the rigorous movement of any dog.

WetDog has a patented clip system, that are designed in view of its functionality. They are designed specifically for it to be easy to open/close.

Siccaro have designed the WetDog to be as easy to care for, as it is to use. After multiple uses, or if your dog has covered the WetDog in dirt, simply put the WetDog robe into the washing machine at up to 30 Degrees Celsius and line dry or tumble dry at a low heat if preferred.

Materials: Organic bamboo and absorbent viscose

Size: M-XL

Color: Olive

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