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QS Fur scraper nature

QS Fur scraper nature

249 kr
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Article nr: 50100
QS Fur scraper is perfect for dogs, cats and other pets. It effectively removes loose hair, dirt and dander on all parts your pet’s body without tearing off the undercoat.


QS blade is especially useful for sensitive-skinned animals who won’t tolerate the large teeth of a standard shedding blade. In fact, many actually find the grooming process very relaxing and enjoyable. QS has a straight grip surface for the hand

QS Fur scraper´s design allows the majority of the hair to fall gently onto the floor rather than flying through the air and onto your clothes, face and hands. When the blade fills with dirt or hair, simply blow it off or simply pull it off with one swipe.

QS not only speeds up the shedding process it also leaves your pet’s coat shiny and smooth. Each time you slide the blade along their coat, you not only remove loose hair, but you pull up the dirt and dander that’s hiding beneath the surface. You also help bring up the natural oils in their skin which is especially important for those animals that are bathed regularly.

Lenght: 12 cm

Material: Handle in wood with a blade in hardened steel

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