Humle Raska Tassar (Fast Paws) in the group  / Innordic / Optimal care for  dog paws at PAW of Sweden AB (Humle)
Humle Raska Tassar (Fast Paws)
Humle Raska Tassar (Fast Paws)

Humle Raska Tassar (Fast Paws)

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Article nr: Humle


The skin between the toes becomes reddish-brown and spongy often due to the yeast Malassezia pachydermatis. Other causes that can affect problem skin under the paws, armpits, at the mouth pores and on the stomach are food allergies and natural wear and tear in forests and soil, or problems with, for example, road salt and asphalt oils. By supporting the skin's own defenses, we can prevent the onset of these problems.

With our unique hops oil, we have dog products that can kill fungi, viruses and bacteria and which together with other organic plant-based oils create an environment where fungi and yeast are unhappy and the skin is strengthened in its natural recovery.

Hops are traditionally used as an ingredient in beer, it has good properties against: Sponge, Bacteria and Virus.

Contains 60 ml of organic oils of shea butter, castor oil, olive oil, Swedish beeswax, hop oil and vitamin E.

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