Dummy lining 500g green in the group Training / Dummies / Lining at PAW of Sweden AB (LNG102TT)
Dummy lining 500g green
Dummy lining 500g green

Dummy lining 500g green

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Article nr: LNG102TT

These dummies have the special shape with square bottom so they can stand in any terrain easily, even in wind and rain. 


This dummy help to guide you through many situations in gundog training. 

Are you familiar with the following problems in your gundog training? 

- A dog who is looking on your hand while sending? 
- A dog who doesn’t run far enough? 
- A dog who needs to learn better lining? 
- A dog who doesn’t trust your hand? 

Depending on the distance they’re easily visible for a dog so he gets more and more confidence on the blinds.

The dogs also learn to keep the straight lines very fast. Even the training of the narrow angles is easier and faster understandable for the dogs.

Dogs learn to focus in front and learn to trust your hand showing direction. 

It can be flavoured by scents and can be used on dry land also in the water.

Weight: 500g

Lenght: 22 cm

Circumference: 28 cm

Material: Extremly strong canvas fabric. Stuffed with granulate filling.

Colour: Green

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