Dummy High & Speed 250 g red in the group Training / Dummies / High & Speed Standard at PAW of Sweden AB (HSRED250G)
Dummy High & Speed 250 g red

Dummy High & Speed 250 g red

85 kr
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Article nr: HSRED250G

High & Speed ​​has two different handles. The long handle makes it easy to throw the dummy with speed, height and height. The handle does not disturb the dog and does not get stuck in the vegetation.


High & Speed ​​250g is made of extremely strong canvas.

It´s very well sewn and has a special filling that keeps it in shape.

Thanks to the long handle you throw the dummy faster and longer without effort. It makes it more interesting than a regular dummy.

High & Speed ​​has two handles. A long throw handle and an ergonomic handle for best grip. The handles can be easily removed depending on the exercise you want to perform.

It can be flavoured by scents and can be used on dry land also in the water.

High & Speed ​​is a quality dummy that lasts for many years.

Weight: 250g

Lenght: 20 cm

Circumference: 21 cm

Handle: Long throw handle + ergonomic handle.

Material: Extremely strong canvas. Dummyn has granular filling.

Colour: Red

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