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Article nr: Fenris

Complementary feed for dogs with natural vitamins and minerals


A balanced diet with the right vitamins and minerals is an important building block for the body.

Most dogs eat a monotonous diet and can therefore easily become deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

This can have implications for the digestive system and the ability to absorb nutrients.

The resulting imbalance can result in a poor immune system, lack of energy, and problems with the coat and hooves.

Fenris consists of manually harvested Ascophyllum seaweed from the North Atlantic, and Lucerne, Horsetail, and Nettle – which all contain high levels of natural vitamins and minerals.

The plants are dried gently at low temperature to preserve them and to ensure the quality of the vital vitamins and minerals.

The Ascophyllum seaweed in Fenris is harvested on Ireland´s northern coast. The sustainable aquaculture there has been given a “Grade A” classification, and the water is some of the purest water in the world.

The herbs in Fenris are from Scandinavia and are characterised by their unique ability to absorb natural vitamins and minerals.

The natural balance of vitamins and minerals in the seaweed and herbs secures optimal absorbability and makes a good natural contribution to the dog’s daily needs.

Dosage 1g daily per 10kg of body weight.

To be given with the usual feed.

Fenris is not a medication in any way, and a veterinarian should always be contacted if you have any doubts about the health of your dog.

Storage Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Use within 18 months of the production date.

Feed type Complementary feed for dogs.

Composition Seaweed

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