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Profile yourself with our designed Retriever lead and Retriever lead Stoppers with your own logo tag.

Popular products

Dummy Mallard Realistic 700g
Dummy Mallard is designed to resemble a real bird in both size and design.
The perfect alternative to "real game".
629 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Tracking lead Optimal 10 m
PAW of Sweden's Tracking lead Optimal is designed in collaboration with dog handlers for maximum and friction-free tracking work.
479 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Short Belt lead Optimal
Short lead with hook and ring that can be attached directly to a belt or to PAW of Sweden's Belt Holder Optimal.
199 kr
Dummy Wing/Marking De Luxe 250g white
Dummy Wing/Marking is perfect when you want to train your dog in steadiness and marking. Can be put in a bird launcher or thrown by hand.
169 kr
ACME 211.5 Alpha
The ALPHA is the most efficient whistle ever made. Patented sound chambers offer a more efficient use of air.
159 kr
Shoulder stock for Dummy Launcher
Reduce the recoil from your Dummy Launcher with our shoulder stock.
649 kr
Launcher Blanks Premium - Yellow 100 pcs medium
Launcher Blanks. 100 pcs. Recommended for our Launchers. Star sprained in the front for best performance, no leakage of powder. Something that is standard on flat front blanks.
215 kr
Karhia Lite Stripping PAW/3 pcs
Karhia Lite Stripping paw can only be used with Karhia Lite
335 kr