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Popular products

Ball Launcher Marking
Swedish made Ball Launcher. Can be assembled on your launcher. Pushing a tennis ball up to 50 m. A good complement in the training.
431 kr 479 kr
Retriever lead Trial Customized
PAW of Sweden’s leads are perfect for training, hunting and for walks. Leads are made of our soft smooth cord that won’t give friction burns to your hands.
From 155 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Messenger Bag Classic waxed cotton black
Compact, lightweight bag for "people on the go." The bag has many convenient compartments. You choose whether to use the shoulder strap or attach it to a belt.
389 kr
Retriever lead Stoppers Trial Customized
PAW of Sweden´s Retriever lead Stoppers is perfect if you want to switch between a training lead, a half choke lead or a standard lead with fixed attachment points.
From 165 kr
Lead with carabiner Trial Customized
PAW of Sweden’s Leads with carabiner Trial are made of our soft and smooth cord that won’t burn your hand. The lead has a carabiner for fast attachment to the collar.
From 170 kr
Training Collar Trial Customized
PAW of Sweden's training collar is ideal when you want a training collar to your dog. Great for both training and walking.
135 kr
Collar Stoppers Reflective Customized
PAW of Sweden’s Collar Stoppers Reflective is ideal when you want to switch between the training collar, halfchoke collar or standard collar with fixed attachment points to your dog.
From 155 kr
Reflective tracking lead 10 m - Two-coloured with marking
PAW of Sweden's two-color Tracking Lead Reflective has a marking and changes colour at 9 m. This allows the dog handler to fully focus on the tracking work. Choose your own colour combination.
319 kr