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 PAW of Sweden AB donates part of its income to the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation!
For the seventh year.... PAW of Sweden AB donates part of its income to the Breast Cancer Foundation. You who placed an order with us in October have contributed to this. A big thanks!!!

Popular products

Short hunting lead Trial
PAW of Sweden’s short training/hunting lead can be used for both training and hunting. It´s ideal for correcting your dog while at the same time keeping it strictly at your side
119 kr
No Dirt doormat grey XL
End of muddy paws on clean floors and in the car! No Dirt sucking up water and mud like a sponge, just machine wash and dry.
859 kr
Picking-up vest Nike bordeaux//black
The Pick Me Up vest is developed and tested it as a game carrier in extreme conditions on the Moors. To make life more comfortable "picking up" during the shooting season.
879 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Gamebag Classic waxed cotton ink blue
A functional and spacious gamebag in ink blue waxed cotton. The Gamebag is designed, handmade and has many fine details. It holds plenty of game or dummies. Ideal for bird hunting or training.
699 kr
Dummy Marking Smart Colour 500g pink
Dummy Marking will catch your dog’s eye every training session, whether you are working in the air or on the ground. Perfect for "Corner training".
95 kr
Reflective tracking lead 10m
PAW of Sweden's tracking lead has reflective weaved stitching and reflective threads. When the cord is illuminated, the reflective stitching is brightly visible
259 kr
Ball Boy
Ball Boy is easily mounted on your launcher. Pushing tennis balls up to 50 m away. A good complement in the training.
569 kr
Dummy High & Speed Marking 500g purple
High & Speed ​​has two different handles. The long handle makes it easy to throw the dummy with speed, height and height. The handle does not disturb the dog and does not get stuck i...
95 kr