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 PAW of Sweden AB donates part of its income to the Swedish Breast Cancer Association!
For the tenth year, PAW of Sweden AB is donating part of its income during the month of October to research.This year we have chosen the Swedish Breast Cancer Association. You, who have placed an order with us during October have contributed to this. A BIG thanks!!!

Popular products

Short hunting lead Vintage leather 80 cm
PAW of Sweden’s short training/hunting lead it´s ideal for correcting your dog while at the same time keeping it strictly at your side. It´s made of English quality leather.
127.20 kr
Retriever lead Hunter Olive Customized
A tasteful collection leads with style from Paw of Sweden. The leads are perfect for training, hunting and for walks. Available in four colors with the olive colour as a base.
From 124 kr
Wool sweater Ws
Elegant and feminine thin wool sweater of the highest quality.
159.20 kr 399.20 kr
Retriever lead Stoppers Hunter Olive Customized
PAW of Sweden´s Retriever lead Stoppers is perfect if you want to switch between a training lead, a half choke lead or a standard lead with fixed attachment points.
From 132 kr
Lead with carabiner Supergrip
PAW of Sweden's Leash with hook Supergrip has woven rubber threads for maximum grip. Choose to have the
lead with or without handle.
From 119.20 kr
Training collar Hunter Olive Customized
PAW of Sweden's training collar is ideal when you want a training collar to your dog. Great for both training and walking.
From 108 kr
Collar Stoppers Hunter Olive Customized
PAW of Sweden’s Collar Stoppers Hunter Olive is ideal when you want to switch between the training collar, half choke collar or standard collar with fixed attachment point.
From 116 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Reflective tracking lead Customized 0-20m
PAW of Sweden's tracking lead has reflective weaved stitching and reflective threads. Customize for your own choice of color and length.
From 231.20 kr