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Popular products

Retriever lead Reflective Fashion
PAW of Sweden’s reflective leads has reflective weaved stitching threads. When the cord is illuminated, the reflective stitching is brightly visible. Limited edition.
127.20 kr
The Ruffwear Vert is a waterproof, windproof, breathable dog jacket designed for winter conditions.
679.20 kr 847.20 kr
Petwear Wash-Bag jumbo
Keep your washing machine clean & prevent damage from loose pet hair by using the Petwear Wash-bag.
223.20 kr
Picking-up vest Nike black
The Pick Me Up vest is developed and tested it as a game carrier in extreme conditions on the Moors. To make life more comfortable "picking up" during the shooting season.
703.20 kr
Retriever lead Trial Customized
PAW of Sweden’s leads are perfect for training, hunting and for walks. Leads are made of our soft smooth cord that won’t give friction burns to your hands.
From 124 kr
Complementary feed for dogs with natural vitamins and minerals
239.20 kr
The Ruffwear Track Jacket is a Blaze Orange high-visibility, reflective jacket that extends your adventures into low-light conditions
391.20 kr 480 kr
PAW of Sweden´s Game bag black/cerise
A functional and spacious game bag in black and cerise. The game bag is designed, handmade and has many fine details. It holds plenty of game or dummies. Ideal for bird hunting or training.
399.20 kr