All our products are manufactured with regard to function, quality and design. We are extremely careful with our choice of materials, and only the best is enough.

Collar, leads and tracking leads
Be sure to push the stopper when adjusting the size of the the lead and collar.

Our ropes have a lifting capacity of 250 kg and a pulling force on the double.

Wash with soap or other mild detergents.

Picking-up vests / belts and bags
Our vests/belts and bags are our own design and are available in different materials.

The products in Cordura are machine washable at 40 degrees.

The products made in waxed cotton are cleaned with soapy water and a sponge.
You can machine wash at 40 degrees if the products are very dirty
Remember to wax the fabric after washing.


Our canvas dummies are filled with non-toxic plastic granules and float the dummies are floating in water.

They have a print with our web shops address on one side. The print is non-toxic and water resistant.
When our customers order their own printing, a non-toxic transfer print is done on the other side.

Our dummies can be hand washed in mild detergents.