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Classic leather collar
Classical leather collar with sleek design and with solid brass metal parts. Available in three color settings.
From 320 kr
Timeless leather collar
Timeless is a collar where the design "less is more" speaks for itself. Available in three colour settings.
From 320 kr
Twist leather collar
The collar Twist has decorative braids and a solid ring as a decoration. The leather is of the highest quality. Available in three colours.
From 520 kr
Herringbone collar leather/tweed
Herringbone collar is elegantly designed in leather and tweed. Swedish-designed  with a touch of Brittish country lifestyle. Available in two colour settings.
From 370 kr
Sparkle leather collar
Wide leather collar with handmade patterns and four Swarovski stones. Available in three color settings.
From 620 kr
Diamond leather collar
An exclusive leather collar with beautiful quilted patterns in the softest sheep-nappa.
From 620 kr