Soggy Doggy  Towel chocolate brown  in the group The dog / The puppy / Care / Drying- and cooling towel at PAW of Sweden AB (671031)
Soggy Doggy  Towel chocolate brown

Soggy Doggy Towel chocolate brown

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Article nr: 671031

Soggy Doggy Cloth absorbs instantly water and dirt. Absorbs 7 times its own weight.


Soggy Doggy Cloth is a quality product that instantly absorbs both water and dirt. Place hands on each end of the towel and dry. When Soggy Doggy Cloth is dry, shake it and the dirt and gravel disappears.

The advantages of using a Soggy Doggy Cloth instead of a regular cloth are many.

Soggy Doggy Cloth is great for sucking water out of the dog's coat quickly and efficiently.

It is made of a super absorbent material (microfiber) that absorbs seven times its own weight. It allows you to quickly dry your dog clean and dry.

The wipe is machine at 40 degrees and dries very quickly for reuse again and again.

Colour: Chocolate brown.

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